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Indians Invade Mount Rushmore

From: Indians Invade Mount Rushmore
Date: Aug 28, 2008 7:29 AM

Press Contacts:

Madonna Thunder Hawk-Co-Founder of The Black Hills Alliance-(605) 441-0342

Quanah Parker Brightman-Vice President of U.N.A.
-(415) 233-3170

For Immediate Release:

Native Americans to gather in Keystone, South Dakota to Commemorate the 38 Year Anniversary of the Historic Invasion and Occupation of the ''Shrine of Democracy' Mount Rushmore and to Honor the Women of the Red Power Movement.

What:Mount Rushmore Reunion to Remember the Native American Occupation and Take Over of Mount Rushmore
When:Friday August 29th , 11:00am to 4am
Where:Amphitheater, Mount Rushmore National Memorial Amphitheater, Keystone South Dakota
Sponsors: United Americans Inc.(U.N.A.
), The family of Chief Lame Deer, Fast Horse Productions
Co-Sponsor:American Indian Movement(AIM)

August 29, 2008 marks the 38th anniversary of the historic Mount Rushmore Occupation of 1970. Native Americans representing groups from around the country will gather to reflect on that day, renewing friendships and bonds and to honor the women of the red power movement.

On August 29th 1970, a small group of young Indians invaded Mount Rushmore, the so-called 'national shrine of democracy' The invasion brought together Indians form different tribes and reservations who converged to help the Sioux Nation in their efforts to reclaim the sacred Black Hills and to force the Federal Government to be held accountable for the illegal taking of their Lands. At 7pm on August 29th , after eluding authorities, the group of young natives reached the top of the mountain near the four faces of the presidents where they hung a large flag with the words:SIOUX INDIAN POWER.

The Paha Sapa-The Black Hills-is a sacred place for all Sioux People.
It is where all Sioux life began,where our creation stories originate from 'The heart of everything that is'

United Native Americans is sponsoring the reunion of this historic event that honors and recognizes the women of the Red Power Movement such as Madonna Thunder Hawk, Martha Fast horse and Maxine Bordeaux-warriors who have fought for native rights, protection, family and community,treaty rights, human rights, environmental justice and cultural preservation. The younger generation will have the opportunity to experience living history with presentations planned, listening in the oral tradition to elders who were part of the original occupation.

The reunion will also recognize the United Nations International Day for the Worlds Indigenous Peoples adopted in 2007. In observance of this day, we Demand that the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 be Recognized and Honored by The United States of America. U.S. Courts have recognized the illegality of these actions and offer modest payments, but the Sioux Nation Remains determined to get the Black Hills Returned to Tribal Communities. We will not accept any amount of money for our own sacred sites. In the words of Lehman Brightman-President of U.N.A.- The Principal Leader of the invasion, who was asked how long the native people intended to stay:'As long as the grass grows, the water flows and the sunshine's'.

For more information Visit:

www. myspace. com/thewashichustolethepahasa


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