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Need help with an assignment for a 14 year old Australian

Hi :)

My niece Courtney who is 14 has a school history project where she had to choose an indigenous culture to write about. We are Australians and I hope this is alright to ask here.
I've also posted this on twilight_ndnz and twilight_book

and I was hoping someone from this group might be able to answer some questions particularly question 3 as we found books to help with the first two, or point her to some good websites...
She also wants to make a point of talking about the Quileute Tribe as she's read the Twilight series and wants to know more about that tribe.

The assignment questions are:
1. Describe the traditional lifestyle of your selected group
2 (a) What changes did the European colonisers bring about?
(b) What happened as a result of these changes?
(consider problems faced by the group such as access to food and water, access to land, beliefs, clothing, population size and location)
3. Describe the consequences of colonization that can be seen today
(consider the current status and experiences of your selected group including traditions still practiced and any discrimination currently face)

Questions 1 and 2 are to be 2 pages in length each, with question 3 needing to be 1 page in length.

Jade and Courtney
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