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Sunday, December 30th, 2012
9:49 am
Club Penguin now has Headdresses
Hello all. I thought this would the best place to post this. I need some back-up, and some more info would be greatly appriciated to.

Club Penguin now has attempts at American Headdresses. So kids are running around on the internet sporting these mimic items with no idea what they mean. Wonderful. There's a post on my tumblr here, I'm trying to round up others to write to them so my email and links aren't alone. I'm a 17-year-old Australian, I only know what I've been linked to and a little extra research, it isn't much. Please help, even more so because these are kids.

Friday, January 6th, 2012
3:51 am
First Native American to be canonized by Catholic Church
I just want to know what more people think about this. For some reason that I can't place right now I have mixed feelings. I want to think more about this, but I want more opinions on it too. I also need more information besides the wiki-page. It could just be the wording or the way the article is written that is bugging me. I'll have to read more when I can concentrate.

I'm not Catholic, but I like the religion for the most part. It doesn't bother me that a Native American is being made a saint, it's more... I don't know. Can't think, need more sleep. -_-

Anyway, thanks for the input/opinions!
Tuesday, January 5th, 2010
3:40 am
the Master of the Good Deeds
There lived the Master of the Good Deeds in the world. Master had a lot of Tools. Sometimes the thieves came and stole the Tools. And even if the Master could return the Tools, the Tools no longer work correctly. Then the master of throwing out these Tools and making new Tools. Theft of Tools was not a big problem for the Master. Sometimes thieves done something good stolen Tools wizard, and then if the Master returned back to the Tools it worked even better. The Tools could to train to cases that have been made with their assistance. In other words, if the thieves worked of skilfully with the Tools, the Master can do Good Deeds even better, when Tools returned.

Master was old. Master left his Tools for his Children and go out to the Great Mountain of Death.

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I am white Twinki. I do not have a headdress of feathers. I do not have the tube. I am a thief. And I'm not ashamed of it.
Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
12:32 am
I stumbled across this article today and thought it was really interesting;

Tribes buy back America — acres at a time
Purchases to help protect culture, way of life by preserving sacred areas

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
7:12 pm
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
8:05 am
Looking for some more information
I'm currently reading The World Without Us by Alan Weisman and came across this passage:
"All [America's late Pleistocene megafauna] existed, the fossil record shows, but not everyone agrees on what happened to them. One challenge to [paleoecologist Paul] Martin's theory [that early human settlers in the Americas pushed the megafauna numbers to extinction] questions whether Clovis people were actually the first humans to enter the New World. Among the objectors are Native Americans wary of any suggestion that they immigrated, which would undermine their indigenous status; they denounce the idea that their origins trace to a Bering land bridge as an attack on their faith."

He then goes on to describe some archaeological challenges to Clovis First theory as well. But the above passage caught my attention and while I hope that the author is trying to depict accurately cultural responses to predominantly white attempts to frame origins, the language he uses troubles me.

The book, while having an extensive bibliography, is not well foot- or end-noted. So I am unsure what sources Weisman is drawing his information from. I did an online search of the most predominant articles on challenges to Clovis First theory, but most of the argument is framed from a paleontological / archaeological / genome mapping perspective.

I am curious if anyone can recommend articles or books that voice the above, quoted challenge?

Thanks in advance and I hope this post is appropriate here.
Sunday, September 7th, 2008
4:54 pm
Polluted Water, Polluted Blood
More fencing, but no cleanup

Federal officials tell Hopi villagers that the $38 million price tag to remove uranium waste threatening local springs and wells is too steep to win congressional
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4:44 pm
Thursday, September 4th, 2008
9:01 pm
8:55 pm
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
7:28 pm
Please feel free to delete this post if it's too OT, but I noticed a couple questions in this week's Savage Love column that were answered in part by Sherman Alexie.
Copied and pasted test from the Village Voice under the cut...
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Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
10:36 pm
Need help with an assignment for a 14 year old Australian
Hi :)

My niece Courtney who is 14 has a school history project where she had to choose an indigenous culture to write about. We are Australians and I hope this is alright to ask here.
I've also posted this on twilight_ndnz and twilight_book

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Jade and Courtney

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Monday, September 1st, 2008
6:23 pm
Thursday, August 28th, 2008
11:52 am
10:31 am
Of course I am not shocked by this one bit...

No one pays attention to Indians at DNC
Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Funny I never noticed this when I was growing up here, but there are Indians all over the place in Denver.

Most of them are painted on walls.

I just walked three blocks from the Art Museum, where there’s a reception going on for Native leaders attending the Democratic National Convention, to find batteries for my camera. I came across a sculpture, a mural, and a poster depicting Native Americans.

Every gift shop has Native-themed jewelry and souvenirs, though in this part of downtown, they’re probably made in China.

Yet, at the Native American policy forum here just a few hours ago, attendance by the public was sparse to non-existent. There, Denverites could have met a variety of Indian leaders from around the country discussing the themes so crucial to Indian Country: health care, economic development, education.

If they were as interested in Natives as their art indicates, they could have learned a lot."

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2:39 am
Alright, I'm looking for some guidance here.

I've researched the American Indian Movement, but it's hard to find good, unbiased material on them. I've heard from a lot of people that they didn't stick to their original values and just turned into a violent radical group.

However, my opinions on the situation of our people radicalizes every day. This group seems to be the place for more "radical" views, as opposed to some of the other groups on LJ.

I'd like your opinions on the matter. What do you think of AIM? Do you think they help, hurt, or don't do much at all for our struggle?


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Saturday, August 9th, 2008
2:22 am
You Guys seen this shit yet? I'm so pissed I've gone calm.
 Indianz.Com. In Print.

Cobell decision close to low figure cited by government
Friday, August 8, 2008
Filed Under: Cobell

Holding true to his promise to resolve the long-running Cobell case, a federal judge on Thursday said Indian beneficiaries are only owed $455.6 million for the historical mismanagement of their trust funds.


Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
9:53 pm
I have a question regarding possession of feathers by those who are not American Indians...
My Mother and Father are friends with a man who has recently assumed the position of groundskeeper for a local Nature center. There are three captive wild animals (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) at the center, two deer and one red-tailed hawk. My parents' friend gave them two discarded hawk feathers, and my parents want to keep them, but I'm having a tough time with this, both legally and morally.
Legally, it seems to be a bit of a gray zone, but the possession of hawk feathers does not sit well with me. It is my understanding that the Hawk Spirit is one of the higher messengers to the Creator, and that it is of course a holy animal. It's an imperfect analogy, but I feel rather like I have a crucifix stolen from a church in my house. What (if I can convince my parents of my concerns) should we do with these feathers? Should they be gifted a member of a federally recognized tribe? Should they be returned to the Nature center? Or should they be given over to the DNR? I certainly don't want my parents to get in legal trouble due to an otherwise innocent mistake, but more than that, I want to do right by the spiritual beliefs of the People.
Your thoughts would be most appreciated. Thank you kindly.

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Thursday, July 31st, 2008
3:15 pm
in regaurds to the article posted from Glamour.
Does anyone want to help me write a letter in regaurds to the article in Glamour that I posted? I think that it would be important that we do so. If you want to help me write it, let me know. Thanks!

the article again is here:


Sorry about that!

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Thursday, July 24th, 2008
8:48 pm
hey everyone
Has anyone else seen the article about sexual violence on Native women in this month's issue of Cosmo magazine? What did you think?

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