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Of course I am not shocked by this one bit...

No one pays attention to Indians at DNC
Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Funny I never noticed this when I was growing up here, but there are Indians all over the place in Denver.

Most of them are painted on walls.

I just walked three blocks from the Art Museum, where there’s a reception going on for Native leaders attending the Democratic National Convention, to find batteries for my camera. I came across a sculpture, a mural, and a poster depicting Native Americans.

Every gift shop has Native-themed jewelry and souvenirs, though in this part of downtown, they’re probably made in China.

Yet, at the Native American policy forum here just a few hours ago, attendance by the public was sparse to non-existent. There, Denverites could have met a variety of Indian leaders from around the country discussing the themes so crucial to Indian Country: health care, economic development, education.

If they were as interested in Natives as their art indicates, they could have learned a lot."
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