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FAQ about Native Americans today
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What this started as:.

This is a space for people to post any papers/reports/stories that they have written that deal with current or recurring issues in the cultures of Indigenous Peoples (Indians, First Nations, Native Americans, NDNs, whatever you call yourself). So if you wrote a paper for your American Indian studies class or your Anthro class, or Psych, or whatEVER reason - on a topic such as "Cultural Appropriation" or "Symbolic Annihilation of Native Cultures" or "A day in the life of a rez dog", THIS is the place to post it!

What this has grown to include:
A lot of people have felt the need for a long time for some place where they can send people who seem to have the same questions. It gets frustrating to answer the same things over and over, so I am going to try to create a website for Frequently Asked Questions on Native topics. But in the meantime, I want this community to be a place for people to find answers... even if they aren't the answers they want to hear. (Be sure to check out topics in the "Memories" of this community!)

Edit 8/26/06: This community is run by natives, for natives. It is a place where non-natives can learn, if they come with questions and open minds. However, if you come in with fixed opinions and a bad attitude, you should expect to get ripped to pieces verbally by the members. Not only will I let it happen, but if it keeps up, you will be banned.

PLEASE LJ-CUT long posts! I want everyone to have the CHOICE to read your paper or not, without it jamming up their friends pages. (If you don't know how to use the LJ-CUT feature click here.)If you do NOT LJ-Cut I will DELETE your post.



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